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Led by one of the industry’s leading experts, Spartan delivers innovative and reliable products that meet the needs of your department.


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  • Aerials 
  • Rescues 
  • Tankers 
  • Wildland / Urban Interface 
  • MPT 
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Vision Meets Value

  • Custom Design:  No two departments are exactly alike – so why should you have to buy a truck like everyone else’s? Spartan ERV will help you design a new or replacement vehicle tailored to your department’s needs.
  • Rugged Construction:  Spartan vehicles are built to last. We start with durable materials like stainless steel and aluminum, then utilize a structural tubular design that delivers a solid, dependable vehicle that is ready to perform.
  • Industry-changing Features:  Spartan continues to be an industry leader when it comes to innovative features and designs. Not only do our designs promote safety, they increase your storage capabilities and improve the functionality of your vehicle.

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