TelStar Articulated Platform

Product Details

Aerial Performance and All Calls Capability

This articulated aerial sets a new global standard for aerial performance and all calls capability. It offers several industry-leading features highlighted by a 136-foot telescopic and articulated aerial platform, which supplies an “up, over, and down” range of motion for navigating around parapets and power lines and enabling you in the most difficult below grade rescues. Compliment this aerial performance with a body configuration that accommodates a full complement of NFPA required ladders and maximized compartmentation, you are ready for any situation.

  • Integrated envelope control technology
  • Automatic aerial stow, collision avoidance, motion repeat, and leveling systems
  • 136’ vertical height
  • 50 degree platform swivel (in each direction: total 100 degrees) for elevated rescues
  • Seated lower control station with integrated display
  • NFPA compliant ladder and compartment storage
  • Spartan quality/durability and remote diagnostic systems/troubleshooting for maximum up time

Improved Performance


Platform Display: Redundant electrical/electronic control systems for reliability and safety.


Emergency Back-up System: Engine driven hydraulic system that allows continuous aerial operation.

/uploadedImages/Products/Product_List/TelStar/Outrigger System.jpg    

Outrigger System: The outrigger system allows for leveling on slopes of 7 degrees using manual or automatic leveling. Outrigger extension is sensed and the operating envelope of the aerial is automatically adjusted.

/uploadedImages/Products/Product_List/TelStar/TurnTable Controls-2.jpg    

Turntable & Platform Controls: Envelope control of all aerial motions with redundant sensors and microprocessors.

Platform Features


Platform dimensions: The platform has multiple access and exit gates in addition to 22 sq. ft. of standing area for spacious rescue operations.


Platform Pivoting: The TelStar platform pivots 100 degrees (50 degrees in both directions) for elevated rescues.


Controls: Proven electronics technologies and display panels for boom motions.


Waterway: 1000 gpm water flow

TelStar Specs

  • Gimaex 136' boom
  • Aerial device consists of 6 sections
  • Pivoting platform (50 degrees either direction)
  • OAL 41'-6"
  • OAH 12'-4"
  • 240" Wheelbase



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