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Performance and Innovation

The Spartan ERV Aerial is an industry leader that continues to provide more value to your department through features such as the greaseless ladder section (requires less service down time and a smoother operational performance). Value is not only measured by the lowest purchased cost, it also has to deliver performance, versatility, and reliability to those using the equipment in the field and in the shop.

  • 75' Rearmount Aerial 
  • 103' Rearmount Aerial 
  • 100' Tractor-Drawn Aerial

Aerial Performance


Innovative outriggers allow the apparatus to level on slopes up to 15 degrees and handle truck set-ups on severe terrain, without sacrificing upper compartment storage.


Patented Lift Cradle positions the ladder close to the ground, making it possible to safely add or exchange equipment at the tip of the ladder. It also enables the ladder to lower to negative 10 degrees.


Our patented Roller Assisted Slide Pad (RASP) assembly reduces friction and stress on the ladder in the field, while eliminating the need to grease ladder rails in the shop.


An improvement on ‘old school’ single drives, Spartan ERV was one of the first in the industry to provide Dual Swing Drives to provide smooth rotation and less backlash. Removing (4) screws gives you total access to drive gears for simple adjustments.

Smart Performance

At Spartan ERV, performance is demanded out of our products. Innovative features such as our unrivaled leveling capabilities, smoother aerial operation through our dual swing drives, and auto-stowing functions is great, but expecting them to perform for you day-in and day-out is our commitment to you.


Automatic Aerial Stow Automatically stow your aerial safely and accurately into the aerial cradle for road travel.


Manually leveling your apparatus is good, but having the apparatus automatically level for you, is great.


Ladder Travel and Rest Cradle incorporates Spartan ERV’s Vibra-Torq™ to eliminate ladder and cradle stress.


Automatic Leveling Sensors System calculates the grade when the apparatus arrives to the scene and provides the operator with an indication of the slope condition and the percentage of available aerial performance allowed by that slope.


Laser guides provide visual representation if your apparatus is clear to set-up and also marks where to place your outrigger pads before the need to extend them.

Aerial Ladder Models

  • 75' Rearmount Aerial 
  • 103' Rearmount Aerial 
  • 100' Tractor-Drawn Aerial



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